exhibition design

Studio 6

The Otis College of Art & Design 2022 Communication Arts senior show, Studio 6, highlights the work of 41 graphic designers and illustrators.

The exhibition included a photo booth and gift shop to start and end the visitor experience of the space. Catalogs and tote bags were available to take as mementos.

Exhibition Design + Installation
Web & Social Media
Gift Shop Experience
Communication Arts Chair: Kali Nikitas
Interim Assistant Chair: Joe Potts
Curation & Installation Team: Jeremiah Chiu, Lorenzo Hurtado-Segovia, Riah Buchanan, Tucker Neel

Exhibition Design Team: Anastasia Shi, Angela Pacheco, Caroline Kim, Daniel Ordoñez, Galen Gaze, Iñaki Gaztelumendi, Ivy Langston, Jeremiah Chiu(Instructor), Justin Kato, Layla Estrada, Rachel Cho, Vivian Liang, Yixin Yang
The Challenge
The design process for Studio 6 wasa collaboration between 12 students(Illustrators and Graphic Designers)and one faculty member.

The development of the exhibition identity took place over the course of the Spring ‘22 semester, where students applied their collaborative research, experimentation, and explorations into a singular cohesive identity system that uniquely represented Otis College of Art &Design’s Communication Arts Class of 2022.

The structure is simple. An array of custom-drawn letterforms for the letters S, T, U, D, I, O, 6, can be combined in infinite ways, forming the primary visual expression on all Studio 6 applications. The color palette consists of 4 unique hues in specific combinations of contrast. And the supporting text, set in WorkSans, does exactly that—it works to support the energy and excitement of the largely-set letterforms that move, play, and dance amongst the pages, screens, and walls.